Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Boy Vs The Gurl =D

Love Story =P

This is a love story..

Between a boy & a Gurl...

Who love each other..

But showed their love in different ways..

One day the boy said ....

The Boy : "I wish i can take out my heart..."

The Gurl : "Huh !!?? Why ??"

The Boy : "So i can see ur smile everyday that inside my heart .."

The Gurl : "Oooo..."

Then..the gurl take one piece of paper,make a heart shape and write something on it.....she showed the paper to the boy ...

The Gurl: "I wish i can take out my heart too..."

The Boy: " Why ?? "

The Gurl : "So i can show you....that u are the one who make me smile..."
Tha Boy : "Ooo...."

They looked each other & smile with love. The End. =D

P/s : Love always begin with a friendship..but not all friendship can be Love =D

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Me said...

suke ttg nie..
"Love always begin with a friendship"

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