Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life in Reality =')


Yesterday, me n my friends had sent our thesis..
then met with en.nas to settle down the "lost" book..
thinking maybe this day will be the last day of my status of "student IPG KPI"..
i walk to my class...saying goodbye.
no one there..but the memories are still there..
i know i'm gonna miss them..
the moments we we shared together...
miss the way of us laughing happily...
miss everything about us...

i know one day...i'm gonna say to my self...
" i wanna back to the past.."
" i wanna meet all of u once again..."
But life is all about walking in reality...
So i must go on..
Hoping there will always be "US"..
Praying for each other..InsyaAllah....

Well..i'm heading back today..
It is a sad moments..
But i need to...
Gudbye friends.

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