Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Favourite Cartoons boring today!!
So,i want to share with u bout my fav cartoons ...
Wonder why i love it?
Let's Explore...

The first one is...SailorMoon.This story is about a group of beautiful gurls who try to protect the world from enemies. I love it so much...the characters was so real n beautiful especially Princess Serenity & Prince Endymion.So romantic...:P

I'm thinking bout meeting my own Prince Endymion..But maybe not now coz someone had advising me to focus in my study first.Huahua..thats is more important.Anyway...i hope i will find the prince someday..

Princess Serenity
& Prince Endymion

Next is ....Pooh.Cute right?
I love it coz frenz.......always called me with this character..Pooh!
I don't know why..but i love it.
And it had become one of my sweet memories..:)

Next is Garfield..
Have u see this story??
So funny...n it is so cute..
With a fat belly...n so smart when talking..
Love the character so much...n always...make me laugh..
It make me....remembering someone that close to me ...:)

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